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Why do people like to travel

Psychology Review: industrial civilization, makes the relationship between human beings and nature, human and others, human and self growing alienation, so people feel more and more alone. Man had been departed from nature, but has to live in the natural. Contradictions and connections between man and nature, are one of the underlying reasons for people keen to travel.

In “The Bible” described such words: In the Garden of Eden, man and nature, man and woman live together in harmony. There is peaceful, no choice, no freedom, or no ideology. But one day, the man violated the ban of God, eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Since then, he had rational, knowledge, self-awareness, and can be self-examination, felt ashamed when found themselves naked.

The American psychologist Frome thinks, it means that people start to break away from the state of nature, people broke the original state of harmony between them and nature. Human was expelled from the Garden of Eden, got free, but also obtained loneliness and fear. Since then, man and nature, man and woman cannot live in harmony, but they can not be completely separated. The relationship of nature and humanity is ruptured.
People have lost their original home – nature.

Travel meets the demand of the people to pursue a life of freshness; can help people get rid of aloneness and depressive feeling; help people sufficiently show themselves.
Travel just makes people find the balance point in psychologically, and promotes their body healthy through the above function. This is the fundamental motivation of modern people keen to travel.